Capabilities DEEP DRAW CAPABILITIES  Quality is engineered into all that we do from initial contract reviews to in-house CAD tool design and tool production, and on through the entire manufacturing process. All secondary equipment is designed and built in-house. Drawing Capability: Ability to draw a shell a minimum of .250 and maximum of 3.125” in length with a maximum blank size of 3.500” in diameter. Material Gauge: Thicknesses range from .005” - 0.050”. Part Tolerance: +-.005 length to custom tolerances can range from +-.001 up to +-.005 Raw Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum and pre-plated alloys. Innovative, unique methods of threading deep drawn parts Volumes: Quoted volumes can range from 5,000 to unlimited quantaties. Finishing Requirements:  Value added services:      · Degreasing      · Deburring                                                                                                · Heat Treating  · Anodizing   ·  Plating TOOL ROOM WTM Company has full tool room capabilities to design, manufacture and maintain all tooling required for all production runs. MACHINES WTM Company has Waterbury Farrel I.C.O.P. (individual cam-operated presses ranging from 8 to 13 stations). These highly-flexible machines handle runs of various lengths, customized manufacturing, and quick design changes. SECONDARIES Using press attachments that extend our manufacturing capabilities, WTM Company can offer beading, side piercing, lancing, drifting and rolling, at no additional cost. See special applications for more information Click to view Catalog @ 2011 - WTM Company  - design by  Heather Beveridge